Shepherd Design Company
Our goal is to create an online brand that reflects the interests and message of the Graphic Designer. Sharing Creativity.
Branding Guidelines

These guidelines have been created to help our customers, partners, licenses, outside vendors, and other third parties understand how to use The Shepherd Design Company brand features correctly, including SDC logos and trademarks. You are permitted to use the SDC name, logos, artwork, and other brand features only in accordance with our Trademark Guidelines. Any use of SDC brand features contrary to our guidelines is prohibited.

SDC brand features include both registered and unregistered trademarks and service marks for SDC, including the SDC word mark, and SDC slogan "Sharing Creativity".
SDC Wordmark
The Wordmark is used as the introduction for the soon to be informed. It provides the full name and the style of the brand.
SDC Logo
The logo prefers to sit on SDC yellow with a soft black look. Inverting the logo is used when you want to emphasize copy. B&W is used sparingly as a last resort.
SDC yellow is used the emphasize the brand. Research had shown a severe lack of yellow in design agencies.
Clearing Space
The minimum clear space is the width of the C (or any letter in the logo).

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